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We are located at: Tsuyosa Martial Arts, 63C Donegani Ave in Pointe-Claire.

You can come try a class for free, just contact us to schedule your free trial.
You can register at any time.
Kids classes are for kids ages 6 and up.
Adults  c
lasses are for everyone 13 and up.
Give it a try.

Come join the team!!!
12 reasons to train Capoeira:
  • Improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, cardio and agility.
  • Develop better self-confidence, psycho-motor coordination, awareness and self-control.
  • Learn self-defense, liberate stress and channel your energy.
Capoeira is the sport of the body, game of the mind and art of the soul.
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Take a look at the video bellow to see some of what we will be doing in class and how capoeira can be played in the roda.

63C Donegani Ave, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 2V9,


Tel  514-812-0149

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