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Dec 17th

Sat 11AM

Capoeira Exchange Workshop with Professor Soquete.
We will be welcoming Professor Soquete from Associação Kadara Capoeira in Scarborough, ON, to give a workshop followed by a roda.

Professor Soquete is a very active and present member amongst the capoeira community in Ontario. He organizes great events, supports the community, does great work with his students and brings years of experience, knowledge, axé and great dedication to the art and to the roda. A great role model for capoeiristas everywhere.

This workshop will be free of charge and exclusively for members of ECB and of the exchange program but the roda will be open for everybody.

Come and share your axé with us, learn, play, exchange and inspire each other.

Workshop @ 11am
Roda @ 12:30pm

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