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Sept 15th

Sat 12PM - 6PM

Pierrefonds Intercultural Celebration 2018 - Capoeira kiosk, class & demo.

The city of Pierrfonds-Roxboro is organizing an intercultural day on Saturday Sept 15th.
We will have a kiosk from 12pm to 6pm where we will be giving info on capoeira, talks, music and songs, as well as a class demo and roda for everybody to see and participate in. The time of the roda/demo will be at 3:50PM
Save the date, it will be an outdoors activity at the Borough Hall.
13665 de Pierrefonds blvd. Pierrefonds, QC H9A 2Z4

Come check us out in a great day of free outdoors activities and fun.
Thank you.

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