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Capoeira is deeply rooted in Afro-Brazilian history and culture. The martial arts are not solely about fighting or fancy moves, they also teach respect, discipline and a sense a family with your group. One of the principles of Capoeira is respect, respect for your group, the gym, the equipment and your teacher.


The first lesson to learn is respect and the traditions of Capoeira. At the beginning and end of every class we greet each other with a salutation.


One of the second principles that we try to instil is family, respect for one another, everyone comes from a different background, skill and fitness levels but in class and in the roda we are all students and we learn and grow together.


Capoeira has evolved in a multi-cultural, multi-faith and multi-ethnic environment where segregation and discrimination were present. Therefore Capoeira is a movement against oppression and encourages inclusion and acceptance of others.


Our Capoeira training is for men and women of all ages, parents, students and businessmen, everyone is welcome. Martial arts don’t only teach you about respect but also about discipline, a value that will help everyone in all aspects of life.





  • Respect your mestre, the art, yourself and your training comrades.

  • Be a good and respectful student and individual.

  • Not to use Capoeira for bullying or to promote violence.

  • Not to display or teach Capoeira until you have attained the rank that allows you to do so.

  • Not to use alcolhol, drugs or cigarettes near the academy or with your Capoeira uniform.

  • Help your training partners.

  • Give your 100% and beleive in yourself.

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