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Equipe Capoeira Brasileira


Equipe Capoeira Brasileira was born in 2004 with the alliance of ex-Escola Brasileira de Capoeira teachers (such as Mestre Chumbinho, Mestre Peninha, Mestrando Ajanã, Mestre Gaguinho, Mestre Cardeal, Mestre Canario, Professora Smurfete, and many more). Our group gets its name from the familly spirit that ties its founding members. We strive to put an emphasis on a safe training based on the foundations of contemporary capoeira : team spirit and cooperative help, friendship, discipline, perseverance, humility, respect of self and of others, confidence, etc. These teachings allow our capoeiristas to gradually devellop a un healthy spirit in a healthy body. There is what constitues the directing line of our group philosophy.

It is with this open mindedness that we share the benefits of the practice of capoeira and the traditions of brazilian culture with the community.

Our Team
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